05 Oktober 2009

PS Tutorial#1 - Clone Stamp Tool (Dummy)

 (Before Editing)

Step 1 :
Choose the desire picture want to edit

Step 2 :
Choose "Clone Stamp Tool"

Step 3 :
Choose the suitable "Brush" type. Prefer the "Blur" one and reduce the "Flow" or "Opacity" of the Brush to make sure the outcome are nice and tidy. Use the suitable size (Diameter) Brush at the desire 'clone' spot.

Step 4 :
Put the "cursor mouse" on the desire 'clone' spot. Click "Alt + Hold".

Step 5 :
Press "Alt + Hold" and "Left-Click" once on the spot that want to look-alike on the 'clone' spot

Langkah 6:
"Hold" the (Mouse) and erase on the spot that want to be 'cloned' carefully.

Step 7 :
Carefully erase on the desire 'clone' spot.
Repeat Step 2 - 7 on other spot.

(After Editting)

P/S : Do it carefully and precisely to give very satisfied result. Patient, effort and determination are needed to come out with nice result.

"Angel Wings" T-Shirt Design

Another t-shirt design from Mr.Homosapiensz....
This time "Angel Wings"

This time just use a symetry image of "Angel Wings"

The Result of "Angel Wings" Design
(Maybe after this will be "Devil Wings")

Manga-Based T-Shirt Design

This time mr.homosapiensz will try to design a shirt based on cartoon in 'manga'

The pictures below shown the steps by mr.homosapiensz in order to created manga-based t-shirt design
(First trial)

Choose the wanted design in the manga

Make a scatch using Adobe Photoshop to give the preview of the outcome

Draw the design on the paper and cut out the design will be dye on the tshirt

Dye on the cut section
Let it dry before continue on other design.

The Outcome

p/s : t-shirt is not suitable to using more dye & design...Simple and Nice will show ur creativity in differet way,,,

Looking forward for t-shirt printing method ;-P

04 Oktober 2009

"Windows" aku dah bertukar!!

Windows XP Black Edition

Seharian laptop aku xleh nak ON....
Cemas aku dibuatnya coz sebelum ni xpernh terjadi pape pun laptop Aceron ni...
Sibuk aku SMS kepada sesiapa yang ada pengetahuan tentang masalah ni...huhu

Aku pun pinjam laptop jo untuk download software Windows XP biasa...
Tak tau lak ada Windows XP Black Edition

Malam selepasnya aku gi cari CD/DVD windows untuk repair laptop aku ni
Terjumpa ler DVD Windows XP Black Edition..
(Terpandang lak Windows Se7en..apakan daya..aku cuma guna Acer Aspire 4315 Intel Celeron jer....)

Terjumpa ler DVD windows XP Black Edition
Bila baca 'description' blakang tu Windows XP Black Edition lebih kurang 'pirate' gak..

Then, bila dah siap 'repair' windows XP ni...
Search some info 'bout this Windows XP Black Edition...
Ada yg kata yg ni Illegal/ Pirate..Ada gak kata ni versi Windows XP SP3..

Pape pun, setelah di usha2, Add-On ngan "RocketDock", Sidebar Gadget..

ala2 macam Windows Vista lak....XD

p/s : Kredit for BIG help to Chem5007, Sofi, AhmadJoe & Along Arman =D

01 Oktober 2009

Halo Moon Ring (Moonlight Effects)

Last night, The Moon (One of Humankind Heritages) looks very magnificent...
As The Moon very close to Earth
Maybe becoz of eyes' illusion of the Halo Ring around the Moon made it seems closer
i tried to capture the moment using my ordinary digital camera but *sigh...the images not as imaginary.

A Ring Around The Moon

The ring around the Moon is caused by the refraction of Moonlight (which of course is reflected sunlight) from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The shape of the ice crystals results in a focusing of the light into a ring. Since the ice crystals typically have the same shape, namely a hexagonal shape, the Moon ring is almost always the same size.
Less typical are the halos that may be produced by different angles in the crystals. They can create halos with an angle of 46 degrees.

Moon Ring Weather Folklore
Folklore has it that a ring around the moon signifies bad weather is coming, and in many cases this may be true. So how can rings around the moon be a predictor of weather to come?
The ice crystals that cover the halo signify high altitude, thin cirrus clouds that normally precede a warm front by one or two days. Typically, a warm front will be associated with a low pressure system which is commonly referred to as a storm.
It is believed that the number of stars within a moon halo indicate the number days before bad weather will arrive. Give it a try the next time you observe a moon halo.

Anatomy of Moon Halo
The ring that appears around the moon arises from light passing through six-sided ice crystals high in the atmosphere. These ice crystals refract, or bend, light in the same manner that a camera lens bends light. The ring has a diameter of 22° , and sometimes, if you are lucky, it is also possible to detect a second ring, 44° diameter. Thin high cirrus clouds lofting at 20,000 feet or more contain tiny ice crystals that originate from the freezing of super cooled water droplets. These crystals behave like jewels refracting and reflecting in different directions.
Cloud crystals are varieties of hexagonal prisms, (6 sides) and range in shapes from long columns to thin plate-like shapes that have different face sizes.
Moon Corona

Another interesting effect caused by moon light is the corona. Just like lunar halos, coronas are produced by high thin clouds. But unlike halos coronas are very small in size.

[Source : http://home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/moonring/]