13 April 2009

What i am thinking of Working World?? (My Future View)

Just thinking & posting about what always playing in my head
Since i am just a fresh graduate (not officially)
what i should do next after finished my study (of coz after submit my thesis : binding with hard cover)???
i'm still thinking (actually still not get enough clear vision of all the working environment)

what playing in my head just know...i not ready to be a teacher (since majority of my friends applied for KPLI); when i'm officially graduate from this Universiity, i'm just 22 years old..
i think with such number of age, i need to gain more experience in working ..i just wondering if i can gain as maximum of experience in Government agency (since i overheard quite a bit that in government agency not very suitable for people to gain experience..huhu ~ is it?)
See full size image

Just my imagination that, for the time being (as my age still Young, fresh & innocent), it good to me to find any work that can gain my experience..Then, when my age achieve about 27 above, i already got my own prosperity (family maybe..hehe)
When the time comes, i will proceed working as a Teacher maybe, teaching the new generation about what i experienced once i studied, about what i already learned during my study (major in science) & and life
As my age growing old..teaching new generation about life...
(Teaching the new faces of generation to facing their future ahead..)
When i hair turned into grey, just resting at my own house, sometimes spending the leisures with my sons, daughters, grandchilds, farming..hhehhee...laughing with their grandma (a.k.a my woman)
A complete life cycle just in my head just now ~

09 April 2009

Dream Come True?

"ohh...i just dreaming.."
When on a lonely nite..you just thought to take a nap..
Then u got this dream
(which u hope it's not true).
After that, got a call from someone u very close with...
Tell you that he is in a same situation like your dream..
What u gonna' do?
it is a deja vu'? vision? instinct? telepathy?
Whatever happen, thankfully that,
There are someone u really care, love to accompany u in a situation like that.
They whom give the courage, support & comfort u from what had happen
The story will never end with a friend like u

S Club 7 - Never Had a Dream Come True
Everybody's got something they had to leave behind One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time There's no use looking back or wondering (or wondering) How it could be now or neither been (or neither been) All this I know but still I can't find ways to let you go Chorus I never had a dream come true Till that day that I found you Even though I pretend that I've moved on You'll always be my baby I never found the words to say You're the one I think about each day And I know no matter where love takes me to A part of me will always be with you Somewhere in my memory I lost all sense of time And tomorrow can never be 'Cause yesterday is all that fills my mind There's no use looking back or wondering How it should be now or neither been (or neither been) Oh this I know but still I can't find ways to let you go Chorus You'll always be the dream that fills my head (Yes you will, say you will, you know you will, baby) You'll always be the one I know (I'll never forget) There's no use looking back or wondering (or wondering) Because love is a strange and funny thing No matter how I try and try I just can't say goodbye No no no no Chorus A part of me will always be with you...

06 April 2009

Exam Fever! and Thesis Story

This whole week would be Exam Fever!!!
(especially to me which already start on 5th-11st April 2009 and would i mind?)
well, only a bit...i guess...
i got some problem...the problem is...
i don't feel to study for my final exam of my final semester...
(Since i submitted my final draft 'baby' to my supervisors...take care thesis..)

Even it is the main problem
missing my thesis 'baby'? ehemmm..),
i still made some short notes for the exam preparation and still managed to answer 5 essays Questions in 2 hour duration for the 1st paper (Law & Policy of Aquatic Resources)....Today (5/4/09)
(still get 3 more to go...!!
Ganbatte ne..!! Jia yo..!!! Good Luck!! Berusaha!!!

Since my final draft of thesis was in history...let it be in memory
(haha.....may it rest in peace with my supervisors and 2nd reader....i know someday, it will come to me..)
Yeahh..thesis baby..!! come here 'baby'...i will make-u-up beautifully with hard cover & golden font...

yeahh..my final draft that had been adopted by my supervisor and 2nd reader..
may it well soon..amin....

Struggling~ Struggling~ Struggling~
I wish GOOD LUCK, GANBATTE, JIA YO, BERUSAHA!!!! to all readers that will or already faced the final examination / test / doing assignment...

My special WISH of GOODLUCK to final year students (like me...!!) that already in final semester..may we all in bright future...

01 April 2009

Its Over !!!! (Thesis Final Presentation)

1 April 2009
Malam aku berusaha siapkan slide untuk Final Presentation thesis aku...
berjaga gak malam tu sampai kul4 lebih...xde wat pape pn...cuma edit skit2 jer.....
pagi ni dalam kul10.30pg, tgk slide...practice sambil record suara untuk presentaion...
(puas hati...ready untuk presentation)

Sebelum tu,
Aku : Jol, pinjam kemeja...ada blazer x? ni tie saper ni?? (aku amik tie atas rak belang merah..)
Jol : haaa..amik r...blazer jedi ada...amik je tie tu..
Aku : Dee, pinjam bblazer erk...Rauf...ada pengepit tie x?s
Jedi : berehhh...
Rauf : nk hok gane?
Aku : hok warna emas skit ada?
Rauf : xdok r..hok biasa jer...
Aku : xpe r..(aku amik letak kat tie tu...)
(siap2 ngan blazer, sluar slex blue-black, tie belang hitam-merah)
Aku : yaa...amik gambar skit...(aku possing dah..dah kul2 dh..present start kul2.30 kat KK1)

(Hasilnya..kecuali suar & stokin jer..yg lain aku pinjam hosmate aku punyer....hahha)
pastu aku bertolak g kampus...g kat Kompleks Kuliah 1 (KK1)..masuk dlm xde org..
ALAMAKKKK..!!! mana org ni..aku try call kawan2 yg dah present hr tu...x angkat...huhu
nasib baik ler NIC datang (my beloved junior).."kawan i bgtau presentation kat MK7 ler..."
kitorg (AKU & NIC) pun bergegas ke MK7..wahhh..!!! dh ramai org dlm tu...lecturers,students, examiner..aku ngan tercungap2 tgk jadual dr pejaga masa tu..

"aku sesat.."
...aku presenter ke-2 ptg tu..!!!

(tercungap2 aku bila masuk bilik tu..fuhhh..fuhhhh..*ilustrasi)
aku yg tgh tercungap2 ni try relax...amik nafas..hembus...fuhhh..."okay, we proceed with next presenter..***********(nama aku)"
(okay..berjalan ngn yakinnya...start ler slide aku...)

Habis jer aku baca "Thats all, Thank You"....ting..ting....loceng 10 minit berakhir...ngam2 habis,,
Kemudian habis dengan yakinnya.."now open to Q & A session"
Lecturers tu tnya ler soalan...aku dalam hati "cepat ler habis sesi Q & A ni...soalan per tu..aku angguk jer...)
ting..ting....ting...habis Q & A session...fuhhh..aku berlalu dengan senyum lebarnya....hehehhehe...

aku duduk je belakang tu nampak supervisor aku baru masuk,
Aku : Prof...saya dah hbs present...td masa saya call prof, ingtkan kat KK1.saya terus datang sini...
Prof : ok la...saya pun g ofis amik jadual ni..so, camne present? ok?
Aku : Boleh la prof...lecturer tu ada komen gak.
Prof : xpe ler..smua org x puas hati..ok ler..saya nk balik ofis ni...(dia pun berlalu kuar...)
(sporting punyer supervisor aku...Thanx prof..!!!)

(BANZAIIIIII..!!!! i am DONE!!!
possing mesti ler walaupun baju pinjam jer...hehhe....)
Aku pun SMS ke kenalan yg rapat,
"i just done my final presentation..juz think 2 make dis quick..dont care what the lecturers ask, comment,,,,i am done!!!"

aku puas hati..!!! selesai sudah tugasan tahun akhir aku sebagai B.Sc.Marine Biology student...
cuma nk kena perbetul draft & jilid jer...Whole april will be my last month as a former student at UMT..