18 Disember 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here

Whoa~ho~~It's Witch Season, Witch!! 
Get ready your broomstick, pointed hat, black kitty cat and spellbooks coz we're going to cast a spell and you will change into a toad! Waiting for a kiss from a true loved princess....Bwah~ha~ha~ha~ !!
Not scary enough?

It is about Nuffnang that promote this new year Witch-ness, magic-venturous fiery-cious movie....So, get ready to get spelled! 

Season of the witch

Wanna know; What scares me the most about witches??
As the story-tale tell the reader that, the witches live hundred years and some thousand years!! But, even some witches live few decades though..They still scare me...and gimme' a creep..
The scare most about witches are : *drumroll + owl hooting....

When the witches casting damn spells with their sharp blank white-grey eyes while murmuring slowly as no one can hear what they saying but with their ugly, wrinkled face, smelly rotten clothes, dark nails, dirty hand, you can imagine that they are cursing YOU!!
Then, when they want to finalized their cursing spell, suddenly, they rushing into you..Ready to take you to the opened-underworld gateaway where all the undead, cursed soul lived, tortured by their demons friend. And you just cannot move even an inch!! Because they already stoned you....!!

YOU just stand there as they rushing into you to push you inside the underworld with their grinned, satisfied face...!!! Laughing loudly....a victory for the witches and no one can stop them!!

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