23 Disember 2008

End of 2008 with Besfriend (& Jr.)

21 Dec 208
i think it is the last day...going out with my BestFriend in this 2008 with Nic..
sofi came to fetch nic & i..3 of went for dinner at Mayang Village..not too crowded..
got chit chat then we planned having some "voice out" at "Buy 5 free 1 song" karaoke centre
so this time we got 14 songs to "laaa..laa..laaa.....aarggghhhh...!!!"

three of us really enjoy those songs...!! really "llaaaa..laaa....llaaaaa..arggghhh!!! not as soprano singer"
"When you Believe" by Sofi & Nic....( "...u will when u believe..." you will?????)

"Its Raining Men & Dancing Queen" by 3 of us....really "voice out"...

Specially Thanx to my junior for those souvenier directly from Sarawak..Taka "pineapple Tart"; Layer cake and the "kumbu' thing..really sweet, nice, beautiful..

take care all of you..thanx to read my blog..Mmuuaahhhh!!!!!!!

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  1. honey,
    Taka layer cake is so lame. I can get u the original swk layer cake and the taste... hmmm... to die for!


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