Assalamualaikum. Hey.

It has been ages since my last update in this ancient Blog. I have been through quite a lot via blogging which really applied in my real life (Even Blogging is a virtual world).

I hope with this comeback.. the passion, the ideas, the writing will be in me.....always...

So, quite a shame to let it go with no any updates or just keep thing (via our posts) crawling around the virtual world. You know, Blogging was and still is helping me (as an author) expanding life experience. it just like manipulation virtual thing into the real world.

Okay. For example, after i was graduated from local university with quite disappointing result (which i am not really ashamed of it because i'm deserved it...lower second grade!!). Yeah. with that pointer and my descent, low profile can the result help me getting a job?

After a while (months) updating CV, Updating via any online job..
(Wondering how Blogging comes into this?)

Once i got a disappointed result from the interviews across the states. In order to survive or to heighten the chances of getting interview is to upgrade the skills. Honestly, i am lack of skills. I love internet (Hey, who does not!). And Blogging is a part of it since it was introduced by my friend and it is getting addicted for some point (after there is involved getting profit..even a small amount of it)

Then, there was a period which getting all the enthusiastic feeling. and in other time is known as 'Writer's Block'. Through Blogging, i learned how to edit the coding, searching information, editing pictures, update videos etc.

That is also a skills, which not all people know how to edit or establish a simple blog. With that skills, i was updated into my CV. and Since it became an experience and i really comfortable and confidence to have a little chat into the interview session.

Well, that was ages ago, about 2008 - 2010 maybe.

So.....since it is really long time ago.. how about a comeback.. You know.. once you getting older, there are a lot of stories or life experience want to share...who feels like a loser.. which i was, sometimes still am.

Well, it is APRIL..Not an APRIL's FOOL... O Allah.. Please keep me istiqamah in doing what it supposed to be done.

There was a time when i still got the Blogging Spirit.. I did took time to photoshoot and updated in blog.. Like.. My Growth of Roselle from Seed to Flower. or The growth of Superworm from worm into Beetle....yeah...

Hope these piece of writing can give benefit to other crawlers (internet surfers)

Don't worry. I will updating my Blog in Malay (Bahasa Melayu). Sometimes, just practicing the writing in English (Even it is not perfect some point, it 's like 'Direct Translate' from Malay)