A very big thank to well-known blogger, Abang EqbalZack in his trust to make me as a sponsor in his latest GiveAway with my precious priceless Seaglass (Also known as Gems of the Beach, Mermaid Tears). It such an honor!
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EqbalZack and His Giveaways

Dear Owner of Genuine Seaglass,

I want to congratulate to you if you are one of the lucky person to own this precious Handmade Genuine Seaglass Art by Ixbarr Abdullah a.k.a Ismiqbal from previous Giveaway organized the well-known blogger, Mr.EqbalZack
This precious pieces of my collection is from one of my little hobby. Its personally valuable to me even source from a piece of 'Broken Glass'. Even this items are not really from the luxury material, but there is more important thing that make its as valuable as other precious items and as beautiful as its were. The value of the luxury that no any living and dead things have. TIME!

I just want to welcome any owner of this Genuine Seaglass to kindly contact me if the artistic wire is rusty, damaged or out of its original shape (as long as the Genuine Seaglass is in good condition), i would like to offer a Life time warranty due to its value.

Preserver Art of Time Luxury

Thank you and Best Regards, 
Ixbarr Abdullah a.k.a IsmIqbal
-Seaglass Artist and Collector-