Aku ada bertanyakan pada Encik Nuffnang pasal apa perbezaan 'Ads Preference' yang kita nampak dekat 'Blog Manager'

Ads Preference refers to how your ad unit will behave when your blog is not chosen for any CPM campaigns.

1. Minimize Ads - minimizes your ad unit and show 'ads by Nuffnang' caption to optimize loading speed
2. Show Charity Ads - show charity ads currently supported by Nuffnang (non-paying ads)
3. Show Default Ads - show ads to promote Nuffnang community (non-paying ads)
4. Show Global CPC/CPA Ads - Show CPC and CPA ads which pays according to clicks or purchase made.

To optimize earnings, definitely Show Global CPC/CPA ads will be the choice for bloggers.
So, pepaham la yer....

p/s: nampak sangat aku takde modal update kan...paper jer...