It's 4.37 AM and that's mean in the morning, there is a creature categorized in homo sapiens species writing in his blog declared to be called as Mr.Ixbarr!
What he is doing in this very early morning? Well, he just finished watching a movie that will be release in Malaysia Cinema today! 30 December 2010 entitled "The Tourist" starring by Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie..

If the movie/drama still not been released yet in Malaysian Cinema, how come he already watched the movie?
Well, thank to the internet, everything is in your hand...(sound familiar?)

Lemme' try to review this movie for the readers.
If you having a plan to watch the movie;"The Tourist", I recommend that you might want to reconsider it coz the plot quite twisted. For the first hour, the spectator need to think why the police always watching this woman; Elise (Angelina Jolie) and then meet with Frank (Johnny Depp), Then the plot slowly revealed Elise's plan as well as the police and the mafia. The main reaso is to hunt down most wanted guy (criminal) in 14 countries ,Alexander Pearce (the identity was unrevealed until very last minute to the happy ending.)

If you on a date, this is not the kind of movie you wanna spend together.

I could rate this movie about 2.5-3/5.0 ...