Since the memory of this 'awesome' movie still fresh sticking in my brain (before been sucked-out by the aliens), better for me as un-official-amateur-not registered-freelance movie commentator to review it for the readers.
I just downloaded and already watched this so-called alien-ish freaking movie via Utorrent..

(Its DVDrip..Video:8/Sound:9..Hey! i already wrote 'bout that i got free Invitation to Premiere Screening of SKYLINE in Malaysia via Nuffnang..But, coz got a 'thing' to settle..i just gave-away to a friend to be my representation of honour...!)
Well, that is not what i actually wanna say but it already been attached via movie i downloaded or via english subtitle. But, sadly it actually is...(well, do not need to write it twice...). It just shown at the ending!
(watch your language dude!..vice versa)
As the movie been playing on my laptop, it quite predictable the whole movie plot where there were high-tech gigantic UFO; monstrous alien and jelly-fish-squid-like aliens workers searched for human to consume.
And then some survivors tried to 'run' from the disaster. Well, i guess the spectators able to predict the whole plot going thru.
Since, the alien suck-out the human brain which act as their 'batteries', the ending went; because of the powerful memories of LOVE (which CAPSLOCK), the Hero's brain actually manage to 'take-over' the new alien-host! and prevent his (maybe its) pregnant girlfriend from being 'dissect' by the alpha-admin-alien...

Alien-ish movies have been made since century ago (i think), maybe it just to visualize the fear of human themselves of what The Third War will happen in the future. All the humanity will disappear. It all Win-Lose situation. And the regulation of the jungle is applied. The Strongest will Survive!

p/s: pardon my english-ish~