Hey Readers! Thinking of something adventure this 2011 new year event? Try this out! Its DiGi Done Right Camp!!! (When they said "Camp"..you know what the activities rite..rite?)
Here is the occasion pre-detail :
Date: 15-16 January 2011
Venue: D’House, Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Sure you guys also got the email rite? So, if someone live nearby, try give a shot...And you'll be the lucky one to join this first time Blast organized by Nuffnang...!

Dear DiGi Angel,

2011 is just around the corner, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are about the new year because we’ve got the first DiGi Angels-only event for the year planned already!

If you love meeting new people and having lots of fun, come join us at the DiGi Done Right Camp from 15-16 January! It’s the first time anything like this has been organized, but there’s sure to be tons of fun activities in store at the Camp which will help you become a better blogger, and at the same time bring everyone closer as part of our DiGi family.

Interested in joining your fellow Angels for a weekend of fun at the exclusive DiGi Done Right Camp? There are just a few things you need to do, which happens to include taking on our challenge of having the longest Facebook discussion ever :P Head on to this blog post on the Evangelist page for more information on how to participate.

See you there, Angels, and Happy New Year to all! :)

Teoh Xinxian
Blogger Relations
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.

P/S: Do you havva guts to join this Camp? Click [HERE!]
(Bwa~ha~ha~ha!!! evil laugh!)