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 Buat kali ketiganya IX mendapat jemputan ke "Nuffnang Premiere Screening" dan kali ini Movie yang ditayangkan ialah "SKYLINE" yang akan berlangsung di TGV, Wangsa Walk ini...Yeayy!
Kali ni IX rasanya akan pergi kot since ada hal skit sana..I just can say that, "Kill Two Birds with one stone."

Jemputan ini merupakan 'result' daripada comment entry 'Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Skyline', Jadi, 80 Nuffnangers will be catching Skyline 2 days before its official release in Malaysia. To win yourself a pair of invites for the Premiere Screening on 10 November, just drop a comment telling us, “How Would You Defend Earth from Alien Invasion” in not more than 15 words.

And IX is among those 80 Lucky Nuffnangers ^__^
Dear Nuffnanger,

You're cordially invited to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Skyline happening on;

Date : 10 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 9.00PM
Venue : TGV, Wangsa Walk
Dress Code : Sky-Blue Clothes / Face Painted Red (Optional)


Do note that we're giving out Limited Edition SKYLINE Notepad to those who attend the screening with Sky-Blue colored clothes and/or Face Painted Red. For the best dressed blogger on that day, you'll also receive the following;

- 4 x TGV Complimentary Movie Passes
- Limited Edition SKYLINE T-Shirt
- Limited Edition SKYLINE LAPTOP Sleeve
- Limited Edition SKYLINE Keychain

Exciting isn't it?

P.S. There will also be complimentary Popcorn Combo thanks to TGVCinemas for this screening. Hurray!

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A bunch of young friends are vacationing in Los Angeles at the Marina when strange white lights begin falling from the sky. Something nasty happens to anyone who looks into those lights, by which we mean their face starts turning all red and crispy. After the lights come giant, spider-like spaceships. And out of those come giant, spider-like alien monsters!

Have you ever wondered if there are life forms in outer space? I bet that thought has crossed all our minds when we gaze at the stars at one time or another. Some of us who are more curious will be fascinated about the kind of culture and technology extraterrestrial life forms could share with us. Would it be a scientific breakthrough for humanity if little green men came to pay us a visit one day?
Unfortunately, that won’t be the case in Skyline. It will be an invasion.

p/s: Will be in Cinema 12 November BUT Those Lucky November will get to watch 2 Days Earlier!!