(Before Editing)

Step 1 :
Choose the desire picture want to edit

Step 2 :
Choose "Clone Stamp Tool"

Step 3 :
Choose the suitable "Brush" type. Prefer the "Blur" one and reduce the "Flow" or "Opacity" of the Brush to make sure the outcome are nice and tidy. Use the suitable size (Diameter) Brush at the desire 'clone' spot.

Step 4 :
Put the "cursor mouse" on the desire 'clone' spot. Click "Alt + Hold".

Step 5 :
Press "Alt + Hold" and "Left-Click" once on the spot that want to look-alike on the 'clone' spot

Langkah 6:
"Hold" the (Mouse) and erase on the spot that want to be 'cloned' carefully.

Step 7 :
Carefully erase on the desire 'clone' spot.
Repeat Step 2 - 7 on other spot.

(After Editting)

P/S : Do it carefully and precisely to give very satisfied result. Patient, effort and determination are needed to come out with nice result.