Once upon a time, where the place have so much Duku trees with the golden-colour hang on between the leaves..There were a family and a Hero called Mr.Homosapiensz. The family members were gathering to pluck the golden-colour sweet fruit called DUKU..huahahah!!

The fathers, the sisters (sisters? girls? climb the tree? well, thats the story begin..) and the lil' brother...a Hero do not rush..waiting to climb other tree..
Suddenly the sister said,
"Jangan ler wat roadblock atas pokok ni...orang nk naik gok...!!".

The Hero climbs the other tree..gathering the treasure of the nature...
Mission accomplished!!
a few bucket of golden-color sweet fruit, Duku and Salak too...

"Papa, camne nk cari 'penangotte' erk..", the lil' bro suddenly spoken..

(penanggotte is a local name of a species of millipede....
"Kak Intan, jom gi cari penanggotte..."

Then the sisters (my 2 lil' sisters) and my lil' bro..of coz the Hero and his Joe Buddy too...
Begin the adventure in the bushes near the rubber trees..

"Yeaa!!! jupe sekorrr!!!". yell one of my lil' sis happilly...The other go rush to see the 'catch'
Yeap! this is is...penanggotte @ Pill millipede
(i stayed up late nite to find this common name..hhuhu)

Lil' Bro : Papa, kita bela r penanggotte ni erk...
Papa : Kalu nak bela, kena tau le cara hidup ye camne, cara pemakanan dia..
The Hero, Mr.HS : Syafik, kita bawak balik umah jer..kalu puas kita lepas belakang umah..
Papa & Mama just give a sweet smile to their children that never have seen those bug..
(owh...my lil' sis found TWO..so, we decide to keep this bug as our pet..)

So, i just clean up the aquarium that used to keep our hamsters
(Mourning for a while~~the wild cats manage to make our hamsters as their exotic dinner..huhu!)
I just put some weed, old log with some weed on it and an unexpected guess!!!

The unexpected guess...
While i was prepared to place this old log in the aquarium, i saw this lil' thing
(at that time she still a caterpillar, hanging with a small thread attached to the log..)

Can't wait to see she spread her beautifull wings~

Still read bout those lil' guys...
Some of the info i read..these bugs able to live 'bout 11 Years!!
It take 3 Years to archieve maturity from the juvenile..
They eat any decay plants or insects

You can see the track of its munch..
and its poo-poo after the meal..

Pill Millipede on my hand~

Other species of Pill Millipedes
(The images were obtain from the web)
They are SO CUTEE!!!

The Video to show its movement (41 Sec.)

P/S : in my way to search some info of this "pinagote a.k.a Pill Millipede, i found that, there are some people who adopt this Pill millipede and other species millipede as a pet...This millipede also consider as "exotic"..The price is about RM16 (either a pair or one..)