20 Feb. 2009
Such a HOT day in Terengganu & i'm so @#$%^& HOT at home...like i got my own 'sauna' in my home....i think how much calories did i lost at this rate of HOT day...hahhaa..
YM status : "I'm so f**king HOT"...

Nic : kalu panas gi ler berendam.
me : jom...!!! (mmg x lepas pluang ni...nk mandi kolam TER takut tutup lak..)

(then i asked sofi about our plan..too bad..what a missed..he got class...next time Buddy..!!)

My favourite Beach in Terengganu (for now..)
white, soft,smooth sandy beachy..OMG!! Love it...!!!

wish to lie down on the beach, watching glittering stars, moon...feel the wind around me...

its not very crowded with people..but more like happy place for the families, friends spent time together....

its not very deep to swim in the sea..less then 1.5 meter....love to see the families bathed with their families (so happy seems like without problems in their mind...)

there were 2 lil' boys sibling, so cute..!! their eye just like my lil' brother....hahhaa...had a lil' chat with them... just live nearby my village, came with their whole family
(just remind me my father took us to picnic..huhu)

"i'm soaking through and through; then you hand me a towel, all i see is you.."
(Dido - Thank You mp3)

"you better keep your eyes on me, no matter what you think of me"
(Celine Dion - Eyes On Me)